Personalized Movies
Ever wanted to "star" in a movie?

Ever wanted to see your kids be in the movies?

Tired of watching the same old home movie that has no fun theme?

Want a new birthday theme that will be the most memorable birthday ever?

Ever want to give a
very unique and very priceless gift that will keep
giving over and over and will be
treasured forever?

Then this is your answer....
Personalized movies is the most innovative concept in scrapbooking, movie making,
and gift giving all in one.

It's a momento that will never have a price tag and will be treasured forever.  Just read
about our VERY happy customers...

True Story #1:
A Grandma & Grandpa gets a DVD in the mail.  They put it into the player and the movie begins.  Immediately they saw their
grandchildren starring in the movie.  They got very excited.  They smiled and laughed.  The movie ended and they played it again
and again.  Then they showed it off to friends.  It's a present that they will never stop watching or showing off.  It's a priceless
Sample of the DVD Cover for the 5 minute movie called
"Milk Bottle"
starring a 9 month old baby boy and his 2 brothers.

The story is about a brother who wanted to teach his baby brother
how to be tough.  So he hired a ninja (played by the other brother) to
steal the baby's milk bottle.  In the end, the baby - after some action
packed baby attacks - prevailed and defeated the hired ninja.

This was a Father's Day present given by their father to the children's
grandfather's on both side of the family.

here to watch the cute film.
Christmas is only a few months away and last year our schedule became filled very quickly.
So contact us today to set up a time before it's too late.
True Story #2:
A client had always wanted to be in the movies.  He went to open calls and even became casted as background in a major
motion picture.  The movie was released but he was a spot in the back that lasted less than 2 seconds.  Nothing he could show
off or brag about.  He came up with his own cute storyline and contacted us.  We filmed it and when he watched it, he was
almost in tears.  He was so happy and proud.  He couldn't wait to show it off to his children.  All he wanted was to be in a
movie as a star and to make something fun and memorable to give and show off to his children.  As a result, he was the highlight
of their family reunion and he was the talk of his office.  Talk about an ego booster!  Another priceless momento!

True Story #3:
2 sisters - age 9 and 7 get a Christmas present through the mail.  It's a DVD from their cousins.  They put it in and next thing
you hear is them laughing, pointing, and excited.  The movie ends and they begged mom to play it again... and again... and again.
 On that first day alone, mom said they must have watched it at least 20 times.  They knew it so much that they knew the "lines"
already.  By the end of the week, they were doing "skits" of parts of the movie their cousins were in.  And yet, another priceless
gift that kept giving and giving.